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I've been invited by Aimy a.k.a Aimot to attend her house warming at Sunway Kayangan last Saturday and I made it coz it had been so long since we last meet during iftar at my house a year ago * nama ja dok K.L tapi nak jumpa susah * 

After all that, we made a plan ~ me and Suzy, where to meet and what time to go as both of us dunno the exactly place of Aimy * kira main redah jer * ... So, the time was set - 4.00 pm at Aimy's house but, accidently, we arrived at 4.30 pm * Suzy sampai dulu, ternyata dia terer..ahaks *...

The Sunway Kayangan was a superb place - surrounding and facilities.. Near to NKVE, One Utama and others shopping malls * ini sangat penting bagi saya kalo nak sevey rumah ;) * ...The house was nice.. Aimy was quite good in selecting a color in her living room... The most I like in this house was the lighting - pendant light or can also be called as canderlier.. It was very very nice * macam dalam Deko Bersama Eric *
And more, I like her master bedroom and also toilet - complete with glassy door and the sinki was chantek * p/s to Aimy : I think you should build a working wardrobe in your room... roomy and more to modern style...just an opinion dude ;) *

As conclusion, it was worth it to buy a house in this age... Still young and insurance cover pon quite tinggi and interest quite low lagi kan... So guys, let's sevey and build our own properties now ~~~!!!! yeebaa yeebaa...

:: entry to Sunway Kayangan ::

:: Aimy's house ::

:: 2 mak dara dan sorang dara pingitan ::

:: with Suzy in Aimot's house ::



:: oppss..sori.. 2 jejaka idaman malaya ni dah dikebas ::