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~* CeLcoM BLacKberRY 9520 *~

Eh kamu.... Sudah tengok kah Blackberry Storm 9520 yang baru tu?? * advert ada sbelah blog ai nih ;) *

Saya kagum laa... Dan sangat minat.... Serious... Teringin laa nak pakai * ni dengan harapan suami saya baca * ngeee.... Si suami saya kan dah pakai Blackberry... Mak pon teringin gak laa nak glemer-glemer-hegeh-hegeh-konon-lagak-bisnes-juta-juta nak pakai gak... Macam best jer... And, features dia pon menarik... Model ni comes with touch screen * yang ni mok suko :) * ... Asyik pakai keypad jer bertahun dah, boring haah...

Cutting pon cam menarik... Rasa nak pi terjah laa kedai henpon... Tapi kan Celcom kan wat promotion Exec Plan comes with Blackberry Storm 9520 ni... Okeys laa... Kita terjah Celcom laa... Buleh pakai Exec Plan * amik yang murah dah laa :) * ... Lagipon most of my family's members pakai line Celcom * tukar no lagi laa aku * ... p/s: kawan-kawan...take note yer kalo lepas nih no ai bertukar...hikhikhik * bila tahun ntahnyaa *

Lets me share with uols the features on Blackberry Storm 9520 nih... Mau dok?? Kalo mau baca entry nih teruih noo...

1. Up to 32GB MicroSD
With MicroSD as the standard peripheral storage, you can have a potential 32GB of space, taking your mobile experience to totally unprecedented levels!
2. Enhanced touch screen
Forget about fiddling with buttons. Enjoy the tactile and sensory feel of the future as you tap out messages on the Storm2’s big screen.

3. 2GB internal memory
A powerful phone sits on powerful foundations. The 2GB of internal memory ensure you’ll have ample space for contacts, emails, and attachments – with enough left over for miscellaneous use.

4. HSDPA up to 7.2mbps
Surf the web and stream your entertainment at lightning speeds – and witness the Storm2 live up to its name!

5.  Wi-Fi enabled
Make your work and interactions seamless as you stay connected by simply hopping on to Wi-Fi networks in range.

( source from : Celcom website )
Rajin-rajin free-free lawat laa web Celcom... Kat situ ada iklan promotion pasal Blackberry nih... Jemput-jemput laa yer :) 

Ai nak pi terjah esok... Apa-apa info nanti ai update yer...



Epool86 said...

you dont have to change number lah.. nowadays u can easily switch provider and keep your original number.

for example, you can change your 012 number to Celcom.

tinakhamis said...

owh yes...i know bout that..but, if we buy the package including the phone, do we have to register a postpaid right??so, must be a new no or we can switch the no..i'm not sure...