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~* JaLan-JaLaN SaRaWAk - ParT 4 : FinaL *~

Now we come to the last part of vacation to Kuching... Sedeh jer rasa nak tinggal Kuching nih * rasa sedeh tu dah lama dah * ngee.... 

We asked Zam to fetch us at 11 noon right after we checked out from the hotel... It was a very nice hotel... Even it is under a budget hotel, and it concepts is like a boutique hotel, it never failed us... Good customer services, very nice and helpful worker and modern-concept hotel... I loved it very much... It made our time spent here very worth it... And, I'll be staying in this hotel again in my next visit to Kuching.... 

Before we leave, I just walking around for the last time and snap some photos.... sob sob sob :(

:: the entrance ::

:: Mr Jockey yang very helpful ::

:: waiting area ::

:: Staffs at counter ::

:: Outside the hotel ~ 360 Express Hotel ::

:: Our tourist guide ~ Zam ::

Lepas mengheret kami kuar dari hotel * ayat, tak tahan * hehehhe, Zam took us for lunch * sebenarnya, dia yang nak lunch * memandangkan kami dah kenyang tibai nasi kat hotel before he arrived, we just waited and teman dia makan sambil borak-borak... Actually, having a lunch at his aunt's restaurant.... Makcik dia sangat baik... And, master buat mee kolok * sapa nak pi Kuching, WAJIB try dowh * .... And, she gave us to try the kolok FOC 
* sedap gilerr seh * ... Harus aku cari dia lagi bila kami mai sini lagi... Walaaaweyy... Teringat nyaa....

Come for the last places that we visited in Kuching... Taman Buaya... The place where is the skull of Bujang Senang was kept... Let's look how huge was it...

:: the entrance of Crocodile Farm ::

:: The chronology of crocodile ::

:: this is Bujang Senang's Skull.... BIG kaannn?? eeiii seram mak ::

:: one of the fountain inside the farm ::

:: handicap croc...sian dia ::

:: it's look like a stone kan?? but, it's real....try laa bagi kepala kalo brani ::

:: I don't know what type of bird it is ::

:: Arapaima Gigas yang super big ::

:: now I know why people said croc can eat monkey on the tree ::

:: it can stand with its own tail...sangat kagum hokey ::

I'm super geli and seriau kalo tengok amphibia and reptilia nih....yuckkksss.... Tak sukaa... Tapi tahap keinginan nak tengok tu bukan main berkobar.... I can't imagine if I fall during our walk along the canopy walk dalam paya ala-ala hutan yang penuh buaya tu...eeiii.... Serammmm........

Right after the crocodile farm visit, Zam took us jalan-jalan keliling Kuching for the last time... And, again went to Bazaar for the last kopek shopping before he sent us to Airport....

After saying goodbye, we thanked him for being so nice with us... We will ask for him more when we return to Kuching next time... He is a good guy...

:: surfing while waiting for boarding ::

:: Now I can fly  :) ::

This was my first time visit to Kuching... And, everything going on just beyond my expectation... From my friend's view, they said people in Kuching didn't welcome ours in Semenanjung... This is totally WRONG !! They are very nice people... Soft-spoken, helpful and ofkos sweet... I love Kuching... I love every places that I went when visiting Kuching... I do come again to Kuching... I want more from here... 

This is our best trip for this year * actually, this was my birthday's treat from my 
hubby *.... Thanks hubby, for brought me to the wonderful place that I never imagine I could come.... 

That's how our most unforgettable moment spending in Bumi Kenyalang.... :) 

* wait for our next trip to Di Bawah Bayu pulak yer *