Love shopping, cooking and now ~ blogging ~ Spending entire life with my luvey-duvey hubby... And now praying hard for a baby...

~* Mother's Day *~

To my beloved mom and mom-in-law,


I luv u mak-mak * double mak yer sebab ada 2 skrang * :)

Mak, you are a wonderful mother that Allah creates for me.. Thank you so much rising me up with lots of love, sacrifices.... Until now, no other words that best describe how you mean lots to me... I love you so much in all the way you are !!!!

Mak-in-law, I love you too... Thank you for giving a chance for me to live in your family.. And treat me more like your own daughter... And, thank you so much for rising your son * my hubby now * and be the best husband in my life... 

And also Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there and also to mommy-to-be !!! Enjoy your parenthood time... * hope my time will come soon... insyaAllah *


im - mamababahworld said...

thanks...! wishing the same for will come soon okay..;)

tinakhamis said...

thanks...insyaAllah :)